Next for The Pharm House & The Nicholas Harding Novels

I have ended my contract with my previous publisher and going the self-publishing route. The 1st edition of The Pharm House is no longer in print. The Pharm House is currently going through a proper editing that should have been done the first time around. I anticipate a re-edited 2nd edition of The Pharm House will be available by early Fall 2015.

I recently finished the first draft of a sequel titled “The Torch is Passed”, that continues the story of the Harding family. I am in the middle of self-editing, then it will go through a round of professional editing. I anticipate it being available late Fall 2015.

“It is now ten years after the events of The Pharm House and a horrific event has struck the Harding family. Young Andrea, a recent Princeton University graduate, has to step into the role of head and protector of the family.”

A third story will be out in 2016 to finish out the Harding family trilogy.

Much was learned over the last couple of years with The Pharm House and The Torch is Passed is an even better action-packed sequel.

I’ll keep you posted on the status.

Take care,