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Decorating your Home with Books – Part 1

Calling all book lovers. Books are not only for reading or getting lost in the story, but you can also use them as decor pieces. Take some of your favorite novels or ones you find out on your adventures and place them strategically in your house. For more ways to learn how to do this, keep scrolling to learn how to decorate your home with books.

Style with Flowers

 Want a classy or sophisticated way of displaying the books in your home? Then, try styling them with flowers. You can stack books on top of each other and then add a vase of flowers on top, or you can even incorporate the flowers into the book. No matter what you do, flowers always add extra elegance to every novel and room.

Frame Books

A cool way to display your favorite, signed, antique, vintage or collectible books is to frame them in shadow boxes or picture frames. Frames are a great way to show everyone the most important books in your life as well as adding character to your home. Before buying the frames, make sure to measure the depth, length and width of each book to find the right size frame.

Place on a Pedestal or Tray

For books that match your color scheme or house theme, you can place them on a pedestal or tray as a decor piece. You do not always need to have multiple books for decorating. Instead, you can stick to a few books and place them on pedestals or trays with other small decorative items. Books create a simple yet cute scene with all the other objects that are with it.



If organization is your way of running and decorating your home, then you can color-code novels as decor pieces. There are many ways you can color-code your books. You can keep it simple by keeping all the same colors together, or you can get creative and build a picture with all the books. Some talented book lovers and artists have made rainbows, people’s faces and animals just by color-coding. This method takes a lot of time, effort, thought and changes, but once you get the complete look, it will look amazing.


Create Floating Shelves

While you can buy floating shelves to place your books on, you can take it to the next level by making your floating shelves out of books. Using novels as floating shelves not only adds your personality but makes your home stand out compared to others. The moment people come over, they will immediately notice your floating bookshelves. Once the shelves are up, place decorative objects on top. Plus, you are saving money since you most likely already own the books.


Use as a Stand

Since many books are sturdy and thick, you can create light stands or table legs out of them. If you would like to do this option, it is best to use thick, hardcover books. These types of books can withhold more weight and last longer than a paperback novel. Using novels as a light stand or table leg will definitely be a talking point whenever people come over. Also, prepare yourself for a DIY day if you do decide on this method. It takes time and a lot of adhesive, but once it is complete, it will look cool and interesting.


Think Outside of a Bookcase

Bookshelves and bookcases are the go-to for most people when they own books, but you do not have to stick to the norm. Instead, find cool or unique ways to display your novels. Place them on a table, on the floor, in a cabinet, on a window sill or any other open space. The more creative you get, the more places you can find to store them.


Decorating your Home with Books

Style Books Throughout Different Rooms

You do not need a specific room to place your books. Instead, you can incorporate them into every single room of your home. Use some of the steps above to find ways to decorate and store your books. You can also just add them wherever you have free space in all your rooms. And, if you have shelving or cabinets, you can use them to your advantage as well. The more you search around, the more places you will find.

If you need more ideas or inspiration, check out these novels: House Beautiful: Decorating with Books by Marie Proeller Hueston, Living with Books by Alan Powers and At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries by Estelle Ellis, Caroline Seebohm and Christopher Simon Sykes. And remember to add your own personality every time you add a new book to your decor collection. Did we miss any of your ideas? If so, let us know! We would love to hear from you.