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Post-War Plans for the World War II Axis Powers

When talking about historical fiction, one of the most popular “what-if” scenarios involves what would happen if the Axis powers …  

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Post-War Plan of the World War II Allied Powers

After one of the most devastating and costly wars that the world has ever seen, the Allied Powers set out …  

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British Ruins of World War 2

As the deadliest and most destructive conflict the world has ever seen, World War II serves as a reminder of …  

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Waddesdon Manor – London/Paris Trip – Still Day 1

After spending the morning at Highclere Castle, it’s back into the car for a drive to Waddesdon Manor. The original farmland for the Waddesdon Manor estate, several thousand acres was purchased by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (of the French banking dynasty) from the Duke of Marlborough in 1874. If you have visited the Palace of … Continue reading  

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Decorating your Home with Books – Part 2

“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” — Dr Seuss. Many people …