Are Most Writers Introverts?

Writing is a craft that shapes most of our society. Writers create the content that fills websites, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Their words keep us informed about what is going on around us, and more often than not, they introduce us to new topics we have never heard about. They write novels that take us to other worlds and they write nonfiction that teaches us about what is real.

Writers have a real gift. The way they think is different. They are constantly creating and must spend hours and hours researching and editing. While it has not been proven in a scientific study, most writers seem to be introverts. They enjoy connecting with the written word, which can be less draining and stressful than having an in-person interaction.

Here are some examples that show most writers are introverts.


Writing is Less Intimidating Than Speaking

Introverts do not typically enjoy social encounters with a lot of conversations and interaction. Writing can replace the stress of that situation with a calm, peaceful route to expression. Introverts have the same thoughts and emotions that extroverts have, it is just that they do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in the same way. Writing allows introverts to speak their truth, just in a different way. Writers are able to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas into their writing, and while they are not having a face-to-face conversation with someone, this method allows them to communicate in a way they feel comfortable.


Writers Enjoy Being Alone

Writers tend to enjoy being alone to create. They can concentrate and focus solely on the work they want to do. This is another trait that introverts have. They work well alone and do not depend on anyone else for help. Writing is an excellent career for introverts because this craft literally requires alone time. Writing is a lot of work that requires research, editing and focus. It would be nearly impossible to write in a noisy, chaotic space filled with people. Writing goes hand-in-hand with being solo and working alone, which are introvert traits. Being alone helps them to be creative and to express themselves fully.


Introverts are Thinkers

Introverts enjoy spending time alone where they can think and make decisions by themselves. Writing and thinking go together. You cannot form a great article, book or blog post without thinking about the topic and arriving at an opinion. Writing is often shaped around opinions and beliefs, and writers must research thoroughly to ensure they are reporting accurate information. Writing simply makes sense for introverts, because they already think in this manner in their daily lives. Writing does not change anything drastic for them, other than that they are now sharing their thoughts with the rest of the world.


Writers are Very Aware of Their Surroundings

Being aware of surroundings is a trait that both writers and introverts share. Introverts are generally great at reading people, sensing emotions and picking up small details that others might miss. They will always notice finer points of situations and minor details in conversations. Writers must use their words and descriptions to accurately tell a story, and they are always paying attention to little details. Every single piece of a situation that a writer picks up is more content for a storyline. This is why being an introvert and being a writer coincide with each other so much – attention to detail and noticing every little thing are both huge traits in these kind of people. It really seems like being an introvert is helpful when becoming a writer, because so much of the writer routine and persona is part of being an introvert.

Introverts are Great Listeners

Introverts tend to sit back and listen to someone speak rather than to interrupt and throw in their two cents. As they listen, they gather tons of information that can be used in a creative way. This is what works well when it comes to writing. Introverts have the ability to be quiet, listen and simply take in what is around them. Extroverts tend to do the complete opposite and cannot master focusing on one thing at a time. This is another reason why being an introvert and a writer compliment each other so well.


Writing is Time to Reflect

Introverts often think about what has happened over the course of a day and take it in with a grain of salt. Whatever they have learned and experienced that day does not go overlooked. They are always very alert, taking in all those small details about people and places. Writing works well with the introvert personality because writing serves as reflection – something introverts already do. Writing is a way to use reflection in a productive, creative way. It is something that introverts do naturally, so it is not hard to incorporate into a writing routine. Most writers are introverts because of this fact – most of the introvert mindset is perfect for a writing career or hobby.

It would be difficult for extroverts to maintain the same mindset and routine that introverts do. It comes naturally for introverts to use what they have seen and learned in their lives in their creative work. They reflect about their lives all the time, so that is why it flows so naturally when it comes to writing. Many people may not realize the amount of self-reflection that goes into writing. As a writer, you are in a constant state of thinking and you are always processing situations in your life to relate them to what you are currently writing. Anything that happens in real life can be used in a story line, which is why it is so important to focus on a current piece of writing and utilize details of your own life to continue writing it. This not only works with fiction work, but with journalism, magazine writing and blog writing as well. Taking real life into account works with any type of writing, and in fact, it is what makes writing relatable and enjoyable. People enjoy reading about what is real and what they can learn from. Writers – and introverts – take from their own lives to explain things to others.


Downtime Does Not Feel Unproductive to Writers

Downtime does not feel unproductive to writers because their down time is what fuels their ambition to continue writing. Introverts need time to recharge and refuel after a long day of social interaction and conversation, so when they are alone, they enjoy this downtime and use it to their advantage. While some may feel guilty for having downtime and think they could be using this time to work more, writers know that this time is vital to their well-being and their craft of writing. This introvert trait works perfectly for writers and the downtime feels satisfying and necessary.


Writing is Fun for Introverts

The bottom line is that writing is fun for introverts, and that is why most writers are introverts by default. Not everyone enjoys putting pen to paper and letting ideas and thoughts form an article or story, but for many introverts, writing is a fun way to release creativity.

Not everyone is comfortable in social settings, which is often looked at as a flaw. Being an introvert is nothing to be upset about and should never be looked at as a problem. Creativity is a beautiful thing and a vital part of life. Introverts are lucky to have the ability to use their traits to express such a high level of creativity. Sitting down and writing anything – a newspaper article, a blog post, a magazine piece, a nonfiction book, a novel, a poetry book – takes a ton of hard work and dedication. Writers should feel very proud of their introvert mindset and embrace it, as it fuels their craft. Many people do not have the attention span, the will to create or the knowledge of expression to write. Introverts have these traits right from the beginning of their lives.

Introverts often find it difficult to be a part of the conversation, but with writing, this becomes a whole lot easier. Introverts can easily be a part of something using the written word. They may not want to stand up in front of lots of people and give a speech, but their writing says what they want to share with the world. Their work is published in all kinds of media outlets, and people all over the world are able to read it. Writing is behind nearly everything we do as a society and stands out as a vital form of communication. The news, movies we watch, books we read, websites we enjoy and the education system are based upon the written word, and introverts have a large hand in that. It is always important to recognize this fact and remember how much writers shape our lives.

If you are an introvert, a great listener, an observer and are constantly reflecting about your life, writing just may be your calling.


Are Most Writers Introverts?