Merry Christmas from Morristown, NJ – December 24, 2013

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Bill Powers:

To all who follow my blog and writings I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2015!

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Well, technically from near Morristown, but close enough. I do spend a lot of time there. And since Morristown is the home of Thomas Nast – the creator of our current image of Santa Claus – where better from which to send Christmas Greetings.


“Nast was a German-born American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist who is considered to be the “Father of the American Cartoon”. He was the scourge of Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall political machine. Among his notable works were the creation of the modern version of Santa Claus and the political symbol of the elephant for the Republican Party.” Nast was a war correspondent/caricaturist during the Civil War.

Nast was also BFF with Mark Twain. A story is told of a visit that Twain made to stay with Nast in Morristown. One morning, the Nast family awakens to find all of the clocks in…

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