All Aboard, for a Trip to the Past – Pullman Train Travel


I am one of those odd balls who love train travel. I was recently reminded how much I love train travel a few weeks ago when stranded at an airport for four hours by one of the worst airlines on earth (fill in the blank with airline of your choice).

I discovered the new Pullman Rail Journey that now runs between Chicago and New Orleans about a year ago. It’s scheduled to add a New York to Chicago run later this year and I plan to give it a try.

Whenever I have to go to Washington, DC rather than drive or fly, I always take Amtrak and last summer I took an Amtrak sleeper from New Jersey to Raleigh, NC. Later this year, I am taking the Amtrak Adirondack Line from New York to Montreal.

In my next novel, The Torch is Passed, which is a continuation of the Nicholas Harding story, I am introducing a new character, Deirdre Southington, a reclusive former NSA operative, who is quite eccentric and her preferred mode of travel is by train – in her private rail car – the Liburnia.

Enjoy some photos of private rail travel…

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The re-release of The Pharm House will be out in September 2015, soon followed by the sequel, The Torch is Passed in November 2015.